“It is my pleasure and privilege to stand in front of you this morning to make a speech of thanks on behalf of all my beloved fellow beneficiaries. Firstly, I would like to give more thanks for the good work you are doing to us that we cannot mention one by one and of course through your sponsorship on education matters has profited us on the basis of illiteracy elimination. We are sure therefore that assistance which always come on time will indeed change us for the bright future. For the illiteracy elimination, just to highlight. It has further made us be identified in our communities, societies and of course countrywide – Malawi in the sense that we are able to show the difference mainly comparing to how we were before you spotted us in our poverty and how we are this day. For example, we are being asked or invited to various occasions to stand on behalf of the group to read or write of which its goodness come through your sponsorship and love. Beside on the issue of paying school fees for us we would also humbly say thanks for the previous gifts you give us which have contributed to the better dignity of our lives – we are proud of you. On my own behalf and all children you sponsor with school gees here in Ludzi – I sincerely express to you our benefactors in Canada our deepest gratitude for your concern and love to poor people who lacks school gees and get good education. It is our desire to use this opportunity to strive to be better citizens of the nation by working extra hard in school. We would love that one day we look back at your kind gesture with a smile that is fill with tears of joy and not regret. We therefore make our request to you to continue assisting us in paying school fees since school is a key to success and surely education is going to shape our future in our coming independence and also we will be able to help our families. In other words, we want to become good citizens of the Malawi nation. Lastly, we would be happy if you convey our best wishes to all our benefactors. We thank you so much for taking time to come and see us, encourage us and let us know that it is not just paying school fees but you think of us and you love us. Once again we want to let you know that we love you. Thank you very much for what you are in our lives.”


Who We Help

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   It was so wonderful to see many of the children SCM  benefactors are supporting! Sr. Bernadette  Densani and the children gathered at Ludzi convent to meet me in the morning. I was delighted because they prepared a skit for me and they all dressed in their Sunday best. I was most impressed by Marysiana and Tasila, two girls whom SCM has been supporting since 2005 – they are now in College studying to be teachers and will soon graduate! They prepared a speech on behalf of the beneficiaries and Marysiana presented it. They were articulate and clear and the delivery was professional despite English as a second language! I responded by holding them up as shining examples of what all the other children could aspire to. I also told them that all of us gathered there were somehow connected to our friends in Canada and that their supporters at SCM loved them very much. I have included the speech in its entirety - unedited for you to read.